Australian Senior Mathematics Journal. Journal to serve all those interested in the learning and teaching of mathematics to the secondary school years 11 & 12 and to the first few years of tertiary education at University, College.

The International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology provides a medium by which a wide range of experience in mathematical education can be presented, assimilated and eventually adapted to everyday needs in schools, colleges, polytechnics, universities, industry and commerce.

Ett special nummer, Vo 1 2009, är fritt tillgängligt på nätet med tema övergången mellan gymnasieskola och högskola.

International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education. The objective of this journal is to publish articles on a variety of topics and research methods in both science and mathematics education. The journal welcomes articles that address common issues in mathematics and science education and cross-curricular dimensions more widely.

Mathematics Education Research Journal, is an official journal of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia, Inc. (MERGA), is an international refereed journal that provides a forum for the publication of research on the teaching and learning of mathematics at all levels.

Tidskriften är fritt tillgänglig på nätet. Det finns ett tema nummer kring övergången mellan gymnasieskola och högskola, 2008, Vo 2, Nr2.

NOMAD - en tidskrift för forskning och utvecklingsarbete i matematikämnets didaktik.

Normat - en tidskrift vars syfte är att stimulera intresset för matematik i vidare kretsar i de nordiska länderna.

iSquared is a new magazine which sheds light on the growing number of real-world applications of mathematics. Modern mathematics is widely used in fields as diverse as biology, physics, engineering and economics, although many people are unaware of its importance for both everyday life and cutting-edge research.
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Nämnaren - en tidskrift för lärare i matematik.

School Science and Mathematics (SSM).The SSM is an international journal which is published monthly, October through May, emphasizing issues, concerns, and lessons within and between the disciplines of science and mathematics in the classroom.

Science & Education publishes research informed by the history, philosophy and sociology of science and mathematics that seeks to promote better teaching, learning, and curricula in science and mathematics.